Unavailable Locations

This page is our Unavailable Locations page.. Meaning we are legally unable to ship certain products to that location. 

Stun guns cannot be shipped to the following: 

Hawaii (§134-16 Restriction on possession, sale, gift, or delivery of electric guns) ,

Michigan (750.224a Portable device or weapon directing electrical current, impulse, wave, or beam)

Illinois (Sec. 24-1. Unlawful use of weapons)

Rhode Island (§ 11-47-42 Weapons other than firearms prohibited)

Wisconsin (Wis. Stat. § 941.295(2g))

Massachusetts (Section 131J: Stun guns; regulations relating to use, access, training, etc.)

Connecticut (Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-3)

New York (PEN § 265.01 Criminal possession of a weapon)

New Jersey (2C:39-3 Prohibited Weapons and Devices) 

Pepper spray cannot be shipped to the following:

New York, Massachusetts and Wisconsin

Knives cannot be shipped to the following:

California, Massachusetts and New York

No APO/FPO, Guam or Canada